Founder Membership is the opportunity to be involved at the inception of Olympic Cinema and to enjoy a variety of exclusive benefits in the long term.

How much does it cost?
A one-off payment of £5000

How many Founder Memberships are available?
Limited to 250

What are the benefits?
Founder Members join for many reasons:

It's for life!

• Lifetime Membership of Olympic Cinema and Members Bar. A one-off fee with no annual membership charges or membership price increases

Be part of it

• Unlimited access to the Members bar for the Founder and up to 3 guests Members can not only enjoy the Olympic when they come to watch a film, but at any time. They can also bring up to 3 guests along with them to share amenities, like the well-stocked bar, a bite to eat and more intimate meeting spaces.

• 1/3 off cinema tickets for the member and up to 3 guests. Membership entitles a third off their cinema ticket price for them and 3 lucky friends.

First in line

• Invitations plus guest to exclusive pre-release screenings and events.

• Priority advance booking for cinema tickets.

• Priority booking of private function/screening rooms and recording studio.

Share benefits

• Equivalent Membership benefits for one additional named adult. By nominating a named adult, Founder Membership and its benefits can be enjoyed by a 'significant other' should the member be out of town or unavailable to sign them in.

Tax relief

• Investment qualifies for EIS tax relief. Founder Membership qualifies for EIS tax relief, which at current rates, means if you are HMRC eligible you will receive £1500 back from the tax man.

Share in Olympic’s Success

• Receive one non-voting equity share in the cinema business. A small return on your investment will be issued once the business moves into profitability. Further details will be made available at a later date.

• The share equates to 0.04% of the company. This means that investors in ordinary shares may attract some income tax relief, and exemption from Capital Gains Tax on sale. The necessary details about how to claim this relief will be issued to all ordinary shareholders.

Support Local Community

• Invitation to add your name to the Founder Members 'Wall of Fame'. In recognition of the important part our Founder Members play in bringing the Olympic to life, Founder’s names will be displayed in acknowledgement, should they wish.

Over 2,500 people attended our open day and subsequent support has outshone all our expectations. Locals have told us how important the cinema is both to the local economy and as a gathering place for the community – as the ‘entertainment centre’ it was built as originally. Money raised in this scheme will be put towards the refurbishment of this historic building and the permanent re-opening of its doors to the community. Founder Membership reduces the pressure to maximise profits at the expense of the local audience.

• An opportunity to sell on Membership.
If for some reason you no longer wish to be a Founder Member it will be possible for you to sell on your share, with its membership benefits.
(If you sell within three years of purchase you may not qualify for all E.I.S. relief. Such a sale would be subject to approval).

How do I become a Founder Member?

For availability, or if you have any questions, please contact: Hannah@olympiccinema.co.uk

Will Annual Membership be available?

Yes, after Founder Members have had an opportunity to enjoy the facilities and we have assessed their needs. Pricing will be confirmed post-opening.

The Project

There has been continuous growth in UK cinema box office over the last decade. However, the real excitement is the growth of REAL cinema. Bryan Appleyard summed up the mood recently in the Sunday Times:

"My guess — call it wishful thinking — is that the multiplexes are dying, and that the gap at the premium and local end of the market will continue to widen. Cinema must survive: movies are made to be shown in darkness, on a big screen, to many people…it seems to me, that "real cinemas" are better placed to withstand the giant-screen-and-surround-sound-at-home culture".

The Olympic is an exciting local cinema with London-wide film appeal. It will be attentive to new demands and customers (as well as filmmakers), catching the new wave of boutique cinema, which cares for its customer, is attentive to its needs, and is as far away from multiplex culture as you can get.

You are investing in an unregulated investment. Barnes Cinema Limited is a private limited company formed purely to restore and then run a cinema. Whilst this is a commercial venture, our prime objective is to operate a cinema in Barnes. As such we anticipate a reasonable profit. You should not buy shares purely for the dividends they might generate. We anticipate small dividends becoming payable once the cinema business is profitable. This is not guaranteed. You will not have access to your capital.