Planning Update
November 2011
The building needs a change of use classification to operate as a cinema, which meant the submission of a rather weighty planning application to the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames (LBRuT), which was presented in January 2011, with a decision due date of May 13th. However, due to staff shortages within the planning department, our application has been held up and we are still awaiting a final response.

We were recently informed that our planning application will go before the planning committee. We anticipated that would be at the December 1 meeting but, after LBRuT missed the report deadline, we are now hoping to be on the agenda for the following meeting(s) at the end of December/mid Jan. We have no reason to believe the committee result will be anything other than positive, thus enabling us to get going.

Undaunted by planning delays, we have been working behind the scenes, consulting with architects, designers, restauranteurs, contractors and cinema fitters and carrying out exploratory works, doing everything we can to ensure we are in a position to move quickly once LBRuT give us the go ahead. We are aiming to be selling popcorn about six months after receipt of permission.


Studio One


Bar wall, showing interiors inspiration